About Us

At eProperty.Net, our journey began with a single office in 2011, driven by the urgent needs of clients seeking reliable solutions in the South African property market. Founded by Werner Ferreira, our expansion into a network of multiple offices and numerous property professionals was made possible through enduring partnerships with estate agents, bond originators, and attorneys. As a top-performing brand, we take pride in our ability to achieve some of the highest conversion rates from OTP to registration, a testament to our dedication to hard work and a deep understanding of bank bond requirements and real estate dynamics.
The core of eProperty.Net's success lies in the unwavering commitment and diligence of our team. Through their relentless focus and consistent performance, we've cultivated a thriving networking community, distinguishing ourselves in a competitive landscape where others have faltered. Our mission is rooted in serving the needs of buyers and sellers, ensuring that each property transaction is not just successful but made possible through our involvement. Looking forward, our vision is to foster a stable network of property professionals who offer unparalleled advisory support, leveraging technology and fostering strong relationships through eProperty.Net.
Central to our ethos is the value we place on the relationships forged between our agents and sellers, providing a secure and trustworthy environment for the sale of their most significant asset. Guided by a robust 5-level marketing strategy, we've consistently garnered market share and secured top performance positions. At eProperty.Net, we empower our property professionals with the latest skills and technological advancements, maintaining our competitive edge and commitment to innovation. As a result-driven network, we prioritize excellence in our responsibilities, ensuring that our journey is always guided by the needs of our clients towards success.