About Us

As an established single office eProperty.Net has grown to network of over 80 property professionals servicing the northern to northwestern suburbs off Johannesburg. eProperty.Net was founded by Werner Ferreira with the help of long strong relationships formed with estate agents, bond origination and De Wet Reitz attorneys. eProperty.Net is a top preforming brand that can boast with the some of the highest conversion rates from OTP to registration. We value in positioning ourselves to sell the property once thought dedicated hard work and an understanding of bank bond requirements and real estate experience.
The success of eProperty.Net can largely be attributed to the determination and dedication of those that work for the brand. They are ongoing focused and consistent performance positioned eProperty.Net as a successful networking community we others have not.
Our mission at eProperty.Net is to assist buyers and sellers in the sale of a property successfully where if we had not been involved the transection probably would not have materialized.
Our vision is to grow stable network of property professionals who will act in the advisory capacity towards buyers and sellers alike that will top our rivals through embracing technology and cultivating strong relationship through eProperty.Net.
We value the relationship that our agents at eProperty.Net have with the seller, to secure a stable and safe environment for the sale of the biggest asset.
We have a 5-Level marketing strategy, that has served us at eProperty.Net well in the past and helped us achieve market share and top performance positions in the industry.
At eProperty.Net, we equip our property professionals with skills and technological advances to better serve our clients that gives us an edge over our competitors. We form habits around this culture of being innovative and forward thinking.
eProperty.Net Is a result driven network of property professionals who focused on the performance their responsibilities that guide them to success.